Amistad Industrial Developers began as an idea. It took form and, in 1978, became oper-ational in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila. Now, 40 years later, the company has built over 22 million sq. ft. (over 2 million m2) of industrial space for a client family that includes over 100 world class companies that have generated, both directly and indirectly, a total of 255,000 jobs.

Mexico's manufacturing industry has changed during that time; accordingly, Amistad has changed and, we believe, in all the right ways. Amistad has grown to enjoy a presence throughout much of Mexico, and we are poised for further expansion, nationally and internationally.

We remain a family owned and operated company where, since that first day in 1978, our commitment to integrity in all our business affairs has remained a non-negotiable precept.

Mission & Vision

Operate as an Innovative Family business with a mind towards the future, surpassingthe expectations of our customers through quality products and services at a competitivecost in a predominant location. Encourage our employees a bond of affection, belonging,identity, social responsibility and professionalism.

To be the preferred investment for our clients and shareholders through constant recognitionas one of the best developers in Mexico. To be recognized for supporting the communitiesin which we develop our activity, for the sustainable development and protectionof the environment.


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